May Spirit Tea

We just started April but we’re already thinking ahead to May!

Why? Well, we can’t wait any longer to share a special ‘Spirit Tea’ we have planned for Saturday, May 11 for Mother’s Day weekend! We’ll be welcoming Willow Raven Readings and Wild Heart Body + Birth Work to provide our guests with both group & individual psychic readings. Don’t walk but run to your phones to get your reservations in!! 
Additionally, we’re also taking luncheon reservations for Saturday, May 18 & Friday, May 24.

What’s on the menu?

Orange Cranberry Scones w/ Orange Marmalade Curd
Delectable Tier of Tea Treats
BBQ Pulled Pork Croissant Sandwich
Tortellini Soup
Turtle Cheesecake
Tea | Coffee

If the above dates in May don’t jive with your schedule, review our 2024 calendar to see if there are any upcoming Luncheons or Special Events that work with your schedule!

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